Legal Terms and Conditions


The website is an internet site designed to provide educational content on the subject of Kalman Filter and offers website users (hereinafter: "Users" or "User") the opportunity to purchase an electronic book and/or source code for examples in the book (the code is in MATLAB or Python) and/or a printed book.

Users are requested to carefully read these terms and conditions (hereinafter: the Terms) in their entirety before browsing the website and/or making the purchase.

Browsing the website or purchasing the goods constitutes an unconditional agreement to the provisions of the Terms.

This agreement is a prerequisite for using the website and shall not be construed as any claim in this regard.

It should be emphasized that these terms and conditions will serve as the basis for any dispute or legal proceedings regarding the use of the website and/or purchases of electronic books and/or source code and/or printed books.

The terms and conditions may change from time to time. It is the user's responsibility to ensure awareness of the latest terms and conditions as published on the website. This policy will come into effect immediately upon publication on the website.

Product Offerings

The products are divided into two categories: digital and physical.

Digital Products:

  • Electronic book (PDF format)
  • Source code examples (MATLAB or Python)

Physical Products:

  • Printed book

The book language is English.

Digital Products

Due to different tax policies and laws in various countries regarding electronic commerce, the electronic book and source code are sold through Verifone (formerly 2Checkout) in MOR (Merchant of Records) format. This means that the purchase is made from Verifone, which handles tax issues and compliance in different countries, as detailed in the following link: Tax Regulations

Physical Products

The printed book is purchased directly from the author, Alexander Becker, and is shipped to the end customer through an international shipping company (such as DHL or UPS). Please note that local customs fees or taxes may apply. Shipping fees are added to the price of the printed book and vary depending on the destination country. The book price for the Israeli customers includes VAT.

Return Policy

The process of purchasing products and services and cancelling transactions on the website is subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981, the Israeli Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010, and other relevant legal provisions.

According to the Israeli Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2020, Article 6A, Subsection 7, there is a limitation on the right of cancellation and return of digital products. Therefore, there is no right to cancel a transaction for a digital product, and no monetary refund will be provided after cancellation of the order.

Regarding physical books, according to the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2020, Article 6A, Subsection 8, there is no right of return for a physical book if its original packaging has been opened. If the original packaging of the book has not been opened, the product can be returned in its original wrapping within 14 days from the delivery date.

Upon return, a cancellation fee of 5% from the book's price or USD equivalent of 50 NIS, whichever is lower, will be applicable. In the case of transaction cancellations with credit cards, an additional cancellation fee may apply due to a processing fee of up to an additional 2.5% on top of the aforementioned cancellation fee.

In the event that the book arrives damaged due to possible mishandling during the delivery process, a new book will be sent to the customer.


The laws governing this policy are exclusively those of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute or disagreement related to this policy or the use of the website, the book, and the source code in general is granted solely to the competent courts in Tel Aviv.


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